Lindsey Edwards - Romance Author
About the Author:
What Lindsey writes:
Lindsey writes romance with a perfect blend of history and fantasy. Currently she is at work writing Succumbing To Sin, a fantasy/historical romance novel and the first in a series that tests the boundaries of love and passion as phantoms from the past threaten both mortals and magicians alike.Most recently, she has authored both contemporary and historical shorts.

What inspired her to write romance:
Lindsey remembers sneaking her first romance novel at fourteen. She had previously been a fan of Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, Sweet Valley and Caroline B. Cooney novels but was curious about the books on her mother’s bookshelf. The women and men on the covers were so beautiful and the descriptions promised thrilling adventures and sensual encounters that left her rooting for the couple in question. Thoroughly intrigued, she sneaked a Lisa Kleypas book. It took her only a couple of days to read it, and when she finished it, she was enamored.

She immediately picked up pen and paper and began to write a romance novel that she shared with friends as the story progressed. As all beginning works are, this one was bad, but good friends she had, for they were riveted by her story and eagerly anticipated every new installment.
Lindsey’s first saleable book was a teen time-travel that she self-published when she was thirteen, titled Dream Chaser. It was about a young girl who travels back in time to meet her superstar crush before he becomes famous. The book was sold both in stores and online in 1999 and promoted in her home state of Missouri. All 300+ copies sold out in a matter of two months and are still available used through Amazon.

Her second attempt at writing romance was a few years later. It turned out to be a short story, a paranormal romance titled The Spirit Within (still in the editing process). From there stemmed Twice Tempted and Heart’s Desire.

Since that first Kleypas novel, romance has always been homefor Lindsey.

About Dream Chaser:
In 1999, when Lindsey was thirteen, she wrote and self published a YA romance titled Dream Chaser under her maiden name Lindsey Johnson. At the time she and her family knew little about the publishing industry and when a friend offered to help them self-publish, the family jumped at the chance. The novel included a sonnet and was ninety-five pages. Her book was promoted in Missouri, and was sold in Missouri bookstores, both chain and independent bookstores, and on the internet through Barnes and Noble. She did TV interviews with local news shows and newspapers. She was invited to speak at Toast Masters where she gave a speech and answered questions concerning her book. She also held three book signings, two with Barnes and Nobles and one with Borders. The signings were popular. A few teachers purchased numerous copies for their school libraries. All copies printed sold within a couple months of release and she has had several requests for re-prints since.

More about Lindsey’s writing history:
Lindsey has taken on assignments for Text Broker and has also written several how-to articles on the topic of writing and publishing on eHow. She’s been a guest blogger for the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents blog as well as Book Trailers & Marketing (A Circle of Seven Productions Blog).
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