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Heart's Desire

During the three years Gareth Havelock was away in France fighting the crusade, his only thought was of the bride he left behind. When the turrets of Waverly appear from the mists, heralding his homecoming, he no longer has to live with only the memories of her. But when her warm welcome suddenly turns cold, Gareth can't help but jump to conclusions.
Katherine Havelock can hardly believe her eyes when her husband returns home after all this time away at war, but love and loss threaten the happiness she feels.

Help for Those Looking to Write and Publish

Are you a writer? Here are some helpful tips to help get you started on the path to becoming an author:
  • Some quality samples of query letters (a writers resume) can be found on literary agent Kristen Nelson's blog,Pub Rants. The letters can be found on the sidebar of the blog.
  • Writing a synopsis is no easy feat, there is a reason they call it the dreaded synopsis. Romance author Carolyn Jewel gives some great tips, links and samples on herwebsite.
  • Because we writers like to look out for each other, the website
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